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Side effects

Contraindications and how to treat the side effects

Absolute Contraindications

Product AMIN 21K is NOT TO BE CONSUMED by an individual having any of the below conditions:

Cardiac insufficiency or any cardiac disease Liver insufficiency or any kind of liver disease
Kidney failure or any kind of kidney disease Psychiatric maladies
Type I – diabetes Medical treatment with diuretics
Pregnancy and lactation Previous ictus
Under age of 14  

Possible Side Effects of Dietary Liposuction food© protocol

The side effects, namely the conditions which may occur upon initiation of Liposuction food© protocol treatment, are varied in nature and can all be treated to limit the consequences. In the case of Amin 21K possible (but not always present) side effects are:


It can occur because of ketone bodies and can be treated using oral spray to chlorophyll or chewing sugar-free gum. It also recommends special attention to oral hygiene and it is recommended that the consumption of a lot of water.


This symptom may occur particularly during the first hours of treatment (usually in the first two days), and is due to a low concentration of ketones in the body. It is recommended to start treatment in relaxing days in order to manage stress (weekend).


Drinking plenty of water (thus facilitating intestinal transit) and making regular movement is usually helpful. It’s recommended to use sugar free herbal laxative preparations.


Accentuated by the acid-base imbalance in the intestinal lumen. Some individuals suffer regardless of treatment with Liposuction food© protocol. It is easily treatable by using an alkalizing product (e.g.Basosyn Plus)


It is usually present in the first two days of treatment because ketone bodies are not well focused and not performing to their full function yet.At the initial days restrain from the challenging activities. Herbal Supplement helping the deportation of excess fluid (e.gDrenanten) usually helps.