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Does a described treatment with Dietary liposuction protocol really work?

YES, and it is not us who said it, but the thousands of positive results obtained in over 15 years of treatment with patients in Italy, Bosnia and other European countries. You can also check the articles posted by Scientific Committee.

What does it cost?

Not more than a regular everyday food supply. It takes on an average 3 sachets of Amin 21 K per day during normal (amino acid) treatment, which ones they are added to the cost of a meal of vegetables and meat or fish doesn’t exceed your minimal daily food cost. If you are taking treatment “feeding tube without tube” which takes on average 5/6 bags of Amin 21 K amount is almost the same. You just need to add 3 AED more for 2 litres of water and you are good to go. So you will spend probably less then you usually do today for breakfast, lunch and dinner with Amin 21 K delivered to your doorstep free of cost. It also should be considered as a saving for food shopping.

Are there any side effects?

There can be side effects, but they are all easily treated and are in most of the cases preventable with the addition of certain supplements and/or homeopathic medicines to the treatment. Please check our page Side Effects for more details.

Do you feel hungry during the Dietary liposuction protocol?

NO. And this is one of the most positive features of the treatment. After the first forty-eight hours, ketone bodies that are produced from the breakdown of the fat you burn, the brain inhibits the hunger centre. In short, after the second or max third day hunger disappears. However, in case you bring back into your diet even a little sugar, then hunger reappears! So just stay committed to the protocol and enjoy the great feeling that comes along.

With these treatments, do you only lose fat?

Yes. This is another positive feature of the treatment. The constant introduction of amino acids during the treatment is to maintain a high level of growth hormone (GH) and lean body mass, unlike normal balanced low-calorie diets that make you lose both fat and lean body mass roughly equally.

Will I gain weight back after treatment?

No, if you follow the appropriate Maintenance protocol, described in our website. These maintenance plans are designed by gender and physical activity, in order to gradually reintroduce dietary fat and sugar, hence will allow you to keep the weight you achieved after the treatment.

If I suffer from certain medical conditions, can I still do a treatment?

Except renal failure (serum creatinine greater than or equal to 1.4), there are no absolute contraindications to treatment, however some diseases require monitoring by the physician to ensure perfect tolerance. For more information please check Contraindications & Side effects section.

What is the difference between the Dietary liposuction treatments offered and a normal diet based on healthy eating?

Huge: our treatments are very limited in time, you get results which are immediately measurable and you get the will power that allows you to maintain (and possibly improve) your achievements. The normal low-calorie diets, although scientifically irreproachable, are slow in the results (often the patient gives up). With Dietary liposuction protocol you do not go hungry and you retain lean body mass.

Why do you call it Dietary liposuction /or Liposuction food© protocol?

The definition “Liposuction Food” refers to the unique feature of our treatment to be able to remove in two / three weeks localized fat deposits in the woman or men, that are generally accumulated in the critical points of the belly (abdomen) and hips, which are resistant to classical diet and which generally require surgical liposuction for the their removal.